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Stephanie Nesbitt

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Knowing your why is essential in being successful on your journey. Your why should be specific and handwritten in a location where you can see it multiple times a day. For instance, on the refrigerator or the lock screen of your phone. A constant reminder will keep you motivated. Will you have slip-ups and fail at times? Yes. However, once you develop a routine and a habit (between 21 – 90 days) it will start to feel more natural and become a lifestyle.

Preparing your kitchen is essential. Think of your kitchen as the center of your healing. Stocking your refrigerator and pantry with healthier options will lead you to a more successful transition and help you meet your goals.

KITCHEN TOOLS NEEDED: Juicer, Blender, Food Processor, Salad Spinner, Cutting Board, Sharp Knives, Strainer, Cast Iron Skillet, Stainless Steel, or Glass cookware (Avoid All Aluminum Pots and Pans), Glass Jars and Storage Containers with Lids. Mesh Steiner (for loose teas and herbs), Teakettle. Large Glass Bowls with lids (for storing fruits and veggies) Storage Bags.

CLEANING YOUR FOOD: Cleanse all fruits and vegetables well, including organic. Soak fruits and vegetables in the sink with baking soda, vinegar, or a chemical free vegetable wash for at least 10 minutes to remove any wax, residue, or pesticides that may be on the fruit and/or vegetables.

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Stephanie Nesbitt

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